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Music of the Mississippi

Blues For Kids

All harmonica lessons are sponsored by the Minnesota Blues Society.

Join us on June 22, 2017 at the Music of the Mississippi show (Huber Park, Shakopee, MN 7pm) with Minnesota Blues Society sponsored Harmonica lessons at 6:30

Check the calendar page for more Minnesota Blues Society sponsored Harmonica lessons.

Education and Audience Participation in action! Click on the link for more information: blogspot page

Blues for Kids It is important to teach the young and eager as much as possible about music. The MN Blues Society is sponsoring Blues For Kids Harmonica Workshops in an attempt to teach and inspire these youngsters.

THIS particular Workshop is taught by Minnesota Musician and Entertainer, Everett Smithson. Everett has been giving private lessons and offering Community Education Classes for many years. He has been a professional musician since 1983, and has been playing the harmonica since 1970. Some performances by the Everett Smithson Band are accompanied by the Blues For Kids Workshop by request. The plan for the 2012 season is to enlighten as many kids as possible to harmonica playing.

Since the beginning of this project there have been many Festivals, Libraries and events of all kinds used as a tool or medium to get the word out.

The session is 30 minutes long. Class size:10 students ages 8-16 yrs (not strictly enforced). Walk in signup. All free materials include: Harmonicas, simple instruction literature, songs/diagrams. The class will address beginning harmonica player issues like breathing, rhythm and the most important--being able to play one hole at a time!

Blues for Kids
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Find more information at the MN Blues Society's Blues For Kids page.

Alexandria, MN Ribfest 2012

Everett Smithson Blues for Kids

Northfield Public Library Music Series

Everett Smithson Blues for Kids

Everett Smithson Blues for Kids

Zydeco Dance Instruction
Zydeco music and dancing started out in Louisiana and East Texas. Zydeco Dancing is somewhere between Two Step Rock and Roll and Polka. For most Minnesotans Zydeco dancing should come pretty naturally if you have done any Polka dancing. We have some of Minnesotas best Zydeco Dance teachers available to give a 30 minute Zydeco Dance Lesson preceding our performance. This is by request of the Eventholder.

Pricing may vary depending on distance.

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